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Ask my character about…



  • A situation from their past
  • Their feelings/opinions on something
  • What they would do in a hypothetical situation
  • Why they act a certain way
  • A person they know or once knew
  • Anything you’re curious about or want more details on

Let’s do this again, I’m a bit bored right now and it seems the christmas fanfics don’t want to get finished today. ;)

Characters are here.

Ah, why not.

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deadcellredux asked: Grell/Angelina, basorexia

It was more like hunger than anything Grell had ever experienced in her life, just watching Angelina’s lips and shrinking to a mere entity of want, all sense of self displaced. Her imagination cavorted over the sensory fantasy of carmine and wax, of rose perfume and skin and sweat and spit and warm blood and everything too real and too impossibly perfect.
Angelina caught her looking, longing; asked her what was the matter, and Grell was impulsive and stupid enough to dare to take a swallow. However many times she indulged, no kiss left her curiosity fully sated.

Please give recs of good (or mediocre/readable) Kuro fics to read

Fics about reapers

Fics about any of the female characters (especially femslash, if that exists.  Rule 63 is also permissible)

anything that’s not shota.

idgaf, just show me where the fics are.

I crave nice fics like candy.


im sorry, you must not know who i am.

im grell. the cosplay elitest. and i dont have time for talk of cosplay that isnt canon.

i cosplay hard. i cosplay with passion. and i cosplay correctly.

this is  a passion. this is a talent. and this is something i do not have shit-heads suggest for me to “hey girl do this” casually with no reasoning behind it.

I miss the kink meme

someone poke the kink meme








"I just assumed they were brothers… or wealthy"

A Little Bit Of Arson

In which Angelina is a med school dropout who can’t handle the pressure of suffocating her feelings anymore, Grell is a careless aspiring musician who lives by burning bridges, and one little violin is just enough kindling to drive them to do some crazy dangerous things.  Mainly each other

Chapter 1- Presto  (Song for this chapter- Bach violin sonata no. 1)

Chapter 2- Light the Match  (Song for this Chapter "Light the match" by Mirah)

EDIT-  How could I forget the most important part?  Thank you to my dear Rosie for beta reading and also to Fae and Artemis for gamma reading/editing

Wah, okay I finally posted the first chapter of that dumb rock band AU.  KICK MY BUTT IF YOU DONT GET UPDATES QUICKLY OKAY.

A bit of music to listen to while reading.  (I may post a song for every chapter, we shall see.)

Grell and Angelina (Modern AU) making sweets in Undertaker’s kitchen

(ETA- oops, that was the older version; update)

Grell and Angelina (Modern AU) making sweets in Undertaker’s kitchen

(ETA- oops, that was the older version; update)

Half Moons and Empty Hearts

    “What a lovely creature,” said the Queen of Hearts, when one day before breakfast, in a pleasantly illogical turn of events, a Cheshire cat appeared at the foot of her bed, all dressed up in fur cuffs and striped stockings as the most dapper of cats were wont to do, “I shall have you on a leash of the finest velvet cord.”

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